Business Law

Business owners in today's world are constantly challenged by legal issues.  We are here to provide you with timely, professional and skilled legal representation. We work with clients to develop the proper and efficient legal strategy for their particular legal problems.

We are experienced with every size and type of business recognized in Montana, including corporations, S-corporations, partnerships, limited partnerships, family limited partnerships, professional limited liability partnerships, limited liability partnerships, LLCs (limited liability companies), charitable organizations, non-profits, joint ventures, sole proprietorships, business trusts, and professional LLCs. We assist thousands of clients with selecting and forming the proper business, maintaining records, business organization, business disputes, business transactions, breach of contract, contract interference, draft and review contracts, business litigation, business negligence, business fraud, construction litigation, liens, partnership disputes, insurance disputes, real estate litigation, commercial property litigation, franchises, buy/sell agreements, bills of sale, promissory notes, oil & gas, royalty disputes, mineral disputes, unfair or deceptive trade practices, Uniform Commerical Code, family business disputes, negotiate deals and more.

We often coordinate your business plan with your estate and succession plan as well as your need for asset protection and limited or corporate liability.