Although all assets pass after death without a will, a will is the most frequently used device to carry out a person’s last wishes. One should not assume that, absent competent legal advice from an attorney, their assets will pass automatically to those they want to inherit their property. The law provides default rules for certain family members that inherit in the absence of a will. Many assets, such as life insurance, real estate, and bank accounts pass according to their governing document, respectively the beneficiary designation, deed, and signature card. The default rules and how you accumulated your assets over the years may determine who will inherit your property and may not provide for the individuals you want to inherit from your estate.

Whether you need a simple will or something far more complex, we have the expertise to achieve the result you want. We guide our clients through the many options in creating an estate plan and/or will, such as alternatives to a will, specific gifts, division of the estate, administering the estate and giving effect to the will, generation skipping transfer and income tax issues, providing contingencies in anticipation of future events such as death of an heir, and appointing a personal representative a/k/a an executor, a trustee (if necessary), and a guardian for your children (if necessary) to carry out your directions and fulfill your particular needs. We recognize the estate planning process is glooming, yet most of our clients leave our office after their first visit relieved and thankful.

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